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Today I have upgraded my new car’s infotainment system firmware. It is nice to see frequent upgrades, but there is no change log whatsoever. So I decided to have a close look at the actual image file. This image appears to be a standard ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data file which can be mounted as a cdrom. Doing so reveals a lot of interesting data such as version info of all modules, build time stamp. I did a diff on the version.txt file in /etc of both image files below:

Version 1.7.4L:!application/Toyota/OS/EU_Low/2012_03_19/swdl.iso (78M)
Version 1.7.2L:!application/Toyota/OS/EU_Low/2011_12_08/swdl.iso (78M)

The result is shown below:

< version=1.7.4L
< user=dmiller
< date=Fri 01/27/2012
< time=13:52:05.66
< Accellion_AAA:1.0.0:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.thirdparty.accellion_AAA.trunk
< imageChecksumUtility:1.1.1:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.imageChecksumUtility.trunk
< nav:3.1.4_10-26-11:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.nav.release.CY11_EU
< nav-sys:1.0.11:Toyota.extension_box.omap.nav.trunk
< Spot Tools:1.2.0:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.spottools.trunk
> version=1.7.2L
> user=DMiller
> date=Wed 12/07/2011
> time=19:45:37.33
> imageChecksumUtility:0.1.0:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.imageChecksumUtility.trunk
> nav:3.0.7_10-26-11:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.nav.release.CY11
> nav-sys:1.0.8:Toyota.extension_box.omap.nav.trunk
> Spot Tools:1.1.0:Mid_Common.packages.mainproc.harman.spottools.trunk

So now we know the modules that have change between the 1.7.2L and 1.7.4 version. Looks like the navigation module is updated. There also one new module in 1.7.4 called Accellion_AAA.

I will investigate the differences further next time, so stay tuned! 🙂

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214 thoughts to “Toyota Touch & Go”

  1. hi friend! i have a new toyota yaris. i am from spain. i need know if is possible install navi in touch&go?
    i have touch&go system without navi.
    is possible add navi to system?
    great blog

    1. It’s possible to have the navigation module installed afterwards, but it’s a hardware component that needs to be attached to the Touch&Go system. In Holland the navigation module only costs 796 euro. So you can have navi, but not only in software as it needs a hardware component which will contain GPS, map storage, etc.

  2. I understand. Thanks for the reply. In toyota they said I just needed to install software. I was told that the hardware came installed. Can you confirm that you need hardware? thanks
    a greeting

  3. As far as I understood it correctly at the dealer, the Go module is a small piece of hardware that needs to be attached on the back of the Touch system. Like I said, it’s not a software only thing. But I am not a Toyota engineer, so I could have misunderstand it.

    1. Hello from Cyprus. I have bought a new Toyota Avensis on April 2012 with toyota touch and i order separate the navigation . It is a piece of hardware to be atached on the back of the unit . It cost me 675euros. but i need Cyprus map that is not suported from Toyota.

    1. Perhaps you can share your findings about adding the navigation (Go) module to the Touch system?

  4. @juan

    Yes it is possible, but you will need additional hardware.

    I know because my Prius was delivered without navigation in error, so it was added later. Dealer said extra hardware + software was ordered.

    Don’t know the details, perhaps GPS module or dongle?

  5. Hi, to add navigation function to Touch you have to order following hardware from Dealer:
    PZ490-00331-00 – to convert Touch to Touch & Go
    PZ490-00332-00 – to convert Touch to Touch & Go Plus
    They cost 700-1000€.
    Installation instructions to all vehicles with Touch are available on

    By the way – I found another swdl.iso – used to erase Radar Cameras for France.
    Perhaps you will find there something interesting?

  6. Hi,
    I found the maps for T&G. They are not actual, but I think it is what you are looking for. Size 2012Mb – those are the maps for Touch & Go, Size 3584Mb – those are the maps for Touch & Go Plus.

    Could you please look at this files – perhaps they use the same format as IGo – and update is possible?

    1. Hi, I’ve downloaded both files and mounted them to have a look at the contents. The first link is version 1.7.7L (2.0G – 04/17/2012) and the second 1.7.5H (3.6G – 01/27/2012).
      Those image files are complete systems including navigation maps. The maps are iGO maps from NNG formerly known as Nav N Go. There are also POI and Speedcam files included. Both are for European customers. Perhaps those files are for the T&G plus edition, because they are not released for the Toyota Verso-S model, which is a standard T&G model. The question is: how to get updated maps, speedcam and POI files on the T&G flash storage.

  7. Hmm, The date means, that those maps are quite new. Have you tried to download them into T&G? According to Toyota instructions it is enough to put the file on Flash and plug into USB?
    Does it work?

    Second Idea would to get newest maps from Naviextras, and replace the files in iso. But I think here you will meet the problem with licence.

  8. @syoma
    It’s not that easy to get the maps only on the T&G system. You’ll need access to the T&G system in order to get to the storage where the maps are stored. Another option is to create a ISO yourself which updates only the maps, but therefore you need knowledge of the QNX operating system and script language. I have a standard T&G, so I could try to install the 1.7.7L version. How did you found out about the two links you posted?

  9. Hi, is it possible to update T&G with this file????
    “ Size 2012Mb – those are the maps for Touch & Go”
    I have just bought a brand new avensis with a map ID 20110321, more than a year old.

  10. @Wonder
    Maybe someone can answer the question if it hurts if you just try to install this 1.7.7L complete version of Touch & Go including navigation maps over a existing 1.7.4L installation. I am using the standard Touch & Go, so not Touch & Go plus or pro version.

  11. @Dirk-Jan
    Hi, sorry my english is terribble… I have a new Verso and I have the 1.7.5L. In computer (with Winiso) I changed any little file (I change 1 number), the file size is correct. Save as… but the Touch&Go says: authenticon is failed. The new .iso smaller than original. Possibble the original encryptioned or its have any shield. What do you think?

  12. @H
    He. I’m sure, that it will be not so easy, as simply modifying some file. We need to understand how ISO file was created and if there some encription used. The links to the maps I got from technical service bulletin, which desribes map update procedure for Toyotas coming from Turkey, which by accident had anly turkish maps. So they are original from Toyota.
    So first we must try to install original ISO file. It should be done as usual – copy to USB flash and plug into T&G. Did it worked? I don’t have T&G to check.

  13. Habe einen neuen Avensis T27 2012 Modell mit Touch & Go. Die o.g. Datei (T+G Plus, 3,5GB) auf FAT32-Stick geladen und versucht zu installieren. Wurde vom System als fehlerhaft abgelehnt. Ich wollte mein T+G auf T+G Plus sozusagen updaten. Geht so nicht. Vielleicht hat jemand eine Idee wie dies gehen könnte.

  14. Hallo, ich habe einen Avensis T27, Bj.2012 mit einem T+G Navi. Habe o.g. Datei (T+G Plus, 3,5GB) auf einen FAT32 Stick gespeichert und versucht zu installieren. Leider wurde dies vom System mit Systemfehler abgelehnt (authenticon is failed). Ich wollte eigentlich mein T+G auf das T+G Plus erweitern.

  15. I have the original full 1.7.5L iso, and upgraded the maps. It was OK all. I think, you are truth the iso have encrypted, but I don’t know how. Any idea?

  16. I’m owning a recent Auris Hybrid. The Touch&Go came installed with 1.7.5L and map ID 20110321. Is this really the latest version? Or is there an easy way to update the system myself?

    Can you please clarify how you obtained the 1.7.5L full (map+system) iso? And according which procedure did you upgrade those maps and to which new version? Which materials did you use as a source?

    @Syoma, @Dirk-Jan
    Will the above mentioned 1.7.7L Map+System iso perform a full system and map update on a 1.7.5L system?

    Any clarification would be welcomed as I’m new in this field.

  17. while i’m waiting for my new yaris hsd, i’m researching about developing apps for the touch and go system. have you come across an SDK or something like that?

  18. R : Leider wurde dies vom System mit Systemfehler abgelehnt (authenticon is failed). Ich wollte eigentlich mein T+G auf das T+G Plus erweitern.

    It won’t work. T&G differs from T&G Plus by hardware – there is a different block and different firmware. Therefore you can install only L version.

    By the way, there is a guy, who tries to hack Touch and Go.
    I don’t think he succeeded yet.

  19. There is a navigation map update available since today! I believe this is 1.7.9. When I login to there is a map update (EUL20120620) available for Europe for 119,00 EUR. I’m registered at the website with a Verso-S equipped with Touch&Go.

  20. For owners of Touch & Go Plus the map update is free! I want to ask people – before pushing USB stick with update into Radio – check the contents of it – what is the structure and what contents are there?


  21. Hi, I have got the new map from the 16/7/12 on a USB key and plugged it into my Touch&Go plus (Prius) but it stays in the screen “update available, reading content” for 30min and then I stopped it. How long is it normally to make this complete map update (4GB of data) ? Shall I wait longer ?

    Other question, does someone got an idea on how I could recover the speecam data for France (that has been deleted in a previous update) ?

  22. @iolo
    People reported, that it taken for more than 45min to update maps on T&G without Plus. Since Plus has bigger size of data (3D models, etc) I would say you should wait for at least 1 hour.

  23. Thanks syoma
    I give it another unsuccessful try tonight that results in an 1.7.9 system with the old map! Actually it crashes after 30 min during navigation update (USB key error), then went into recovery mode, etc this system is really awful to update! I will now try to make a key with the 1.7.9 fingerprint and the new map and prey for having no USB error in the middle…

  24. @iolo
    Also make sure the usb-stick is formatted in FAT32 mode and it does not contain any other rubbish.

    My update also failed at the first try; it did not start at all. I’ve started over the complete process beginning with a new fingerprint on a clean FAT32 formatted usb-stick.
    You need a lot of patience twice. First during the download and device specific swdl.iso build in the Toolkit. And next during the real update of the Touch & Go itself.

    Most amazing is the size difference between the download and the resulting swdl.iso.
    Can someone explain the process as is executed by the Toolkit? The real download is only 50% of all activity. All the rest seems building and copying while dropping (or compressing?) a lot?!?

  25. Hi all,
    I bought a Toyota Verso-S last yeat in May. No GPS module was available. Now it is, but is too expensive, too much considering prices of other navigation platforms. I noticed that I have the first release of the Touch firmware with basic functions such as the mp3 covers if the file is in a usb key are not displayed, issues on the bluetooth, etc.
    I was wondering if it is possibile pushing the new firmware to that without buying a toyota external Gps module (and receiving the fresher firmware for free) to enjoy the new functions (Covers on Mp3, etc).
    If it is possible, i’d like to know where I can download such firmware and how to install it.
    Thank you very much!!

    1. Hi Sandro,
      If you don’t have the Go module, then you can still update only the Touch module. I will post the instructions on how to check the Touch version for a Verso-S. The most current version is 03.1500. I have asked the dealer for this version, because mine is 03.1300. I will keep you updated.

  26. @syoma
    As you might know the Touch&Go Toolkit program has a download cache. Refer to the program setting for the working directory to find the location. Starting with a clean cache it had reached 1,92 Gb when the download was completed.

    And after a better analysis of the usb-stick i found most of the answer on my previous question. It seems that the 246 Mb swdl.iso only contains the update orchestration. I think this part is doing all the device and checksum checking.
    The real update content seems to be merged into the folder structure of the fingerprint (folder named NaviSync). That folder grew by some 243 files and 1 folder from 741 kB to 1,68 Gb. Herein is folders for map, poi, speedcam, tmc, voice, etc. and its new content.

    Hope this will do for this public discussion.

  27. Success!!! After another try (number 8 or 9…), 4 USB keys and another 70min waiting in my car it finally went through the whole update. I think I had all the possible problems (Prius shutting down during the update because of battery, USB error, update mismatch, etc). In one word, I would say that Toyota has some room of improvement in this update process. It is not user friendly at all (the first step of the update in the car is a static screen during 24 min with no indication whatsoever!!!), it does not say when it crashes (some of my USB key makes the update never starting, but I really don’t know why, they are all FAT32 freshly formatted) etc. How could we possibly make such a terrible software in 2012 ? And I don’t talk about the toolbox which has also its number of obvious bugs as if nobody has just tested it once for real…
    Anyway, this now belongs to the past, until next update 😉
    My message to all updaters: do not loose hope!

  28. admin :Hi Sandro,If you don’t have the Go module, then you can still update only the Touch module. I will post the instructions on how to check the Touch version for a Verso-S. The most current version is 03.1500. I have asked the dealer for this version, because mine is 03.1300. I will keep you updated.

    Thank you very very much. Could I try to push the version 1.7.4L I’ve found here even if I don’t have the Go module? I Guess the result should be the same if I press “nav”, I will have “The Nav module is not installed” exactly like now. I look forward to having any news from you!!! Anyway I’m going to wait for your additional infos. Happy for your help !!!!
    Cheers !!

    1. If you donot have an extension box, the sw will do you no good. You have only a da. Extentsion box provides the gps module along with bluetooth , USB, phone module address book, voice recognition, connectivity etc. it is a module which can be easily added later though. That is a separate module from the f10 radio.

  29. la actualizacion de 1.7.5L a 1.7.7L, la he heho directamente con el archivo descargado al principio de este post. Lo puse en la memoria usb sin huella dactilar. Solo el archivo descargado. Se actualiza sin problema alguno.

  30. Hi, I know that you need an extra hardware to get the maps working on the Touch&Go, but: Can I install only the software and use an external iPhone to get the maps from Google Maps and the positioning from the mobile phone?


    1. Hi Bob, as I understand your question correctly it’s not possible to use navigation (GPS) information from another device like a phone to pass it to the Touch and Go unit. It’s a proprietary closed system that will not allow such a thing. It’s however possible to connect a phone and setup tethering for services like Google local search. See this recent post for a brief summary of the Touch & Go capabilities.

  31. Hi Dirk-Jan, thank you very much for your answer! I have taken a look to your link and it is very interesting.

    It is awful to know that Toyota uses a closed system 🙁

    I am investigating about how obtain a navigation service for free. I bought a 3rd generation Toyota Yaris and the GPS costs 750€ and I think that it is too expensive. I have got an iPhone 4S and actually I am using a TomTom app and I am listening the indications through the Bluetooth.

    I would like to find an alternative system to install to use the phone’s GPS system instead the car system and to add new utilities like speed control system. If anybody knows how to modify/create a system, please let me know. Actually I don’t know what kind of CPU uses… I figure that it uses a Java virtual machine but I’m not sure.

    Sorry for my english if I didn’t explain properly. I don’t speak english very well.


  32. I have bought a new Avensis on april 2012 with Toyota touch & Go but i need Cyprus map to install on the system that toyota not suport. Where can i find this map? i have use maps of iGo and nothing change. Thanks. Theo

    1. Hi Theo, I guess you’re unlucky Toyota and NNG did not include the Cyprus map. Are you sure it’s not included with the Greece map? They are occasionally offered together. If not, you’re stuck with using an external navigation device.

      1. Thanks Dirk-Jan for the information. The problem with Cyprus map is political. I need someone to help me huck Toyota touch & Go system. I have found the map in iGo bat i dont know how to install it. I am wiling to pay for it at a resonable price. Thanks.

  33. Wow, you guys are something, I see Dan miller name on this, words of caution there are checksum and license file check on this, if you actually succed, your radio extension box will not be usable, you willsee loading map forever. Be careful.

    Get official upgrade for you eu low extension box.

  34. After a very detailed description, everything I wrote was lost. Long story short, 1.7.7L works perfectly on my Touch&Go, updated everything in about 15 min (including navigation). Before I had 1.7.5L – EUL20110311 and now it is 1.7.7L – EUL20120210.Very happy with it, hope to see the difference tomorow. Thank you guys for your work!

  35. Hi dkbkl,
    sorry that the text of the description of you update has been lost.
    I would find it super if you would take the trouble again for rewriting. I think with me many Toyota Touch & go users would be pleased.
    So is with me gone 15 minutes and also update them now also 1.7.7 L EUL20120210 …

    I have version 1.7.9 L with map 20120620 downloaded, but dare not EUL to install, I am afraid that I can not go back if it goes wrong … has anyone of you out there have an answer?

    Thanks for the many information I can get from this site.

  36. The newer version 1.7.9L is not working yet. I made a lot of modifications, I tried to merge some files, but until now it is not working. The only thing that I get when I wanted to update was an activation code that I had to provide, like a protection for the new map, but I don`t have it. I tried many times, no succes yet. Still working on it!

  37. I see you’re trying to hack the swdl.iso.
    Have you already tried to run native code instead?
    You can develop native code using the qnx sdk, if there’s a way to load in into the system.
    I read that downloaded apps are stored on USB storage. Have you already tried to copy apps from one system to another? Do they work? It should be the first step in developing homebrew apps.

  38. Hi all. I recently bought a GT86 and installed the optional T&G system. Unfortunately the navi unit is 1.7.5L and so far the dealer is playing the “I don’t know – let me check with Toyota” card concerning the update. So I decided to try to find a workaround and yesterday I downloaded the syoma march 29 1.7.7L file. I opened the iso image to look around and I was VERY surprised of the content. Several files ha a October 29th update and the version.txt file reads:
    date=Mon 10/29/2012
    time=12:01:25.22 ”

    Maps in “NAV\NNG|content\map” have a 24/10/2012 date and most dir contain a “magic.txt” file containing the string “HB_TEB”.
    Does this make any sense? Will my navi/car explode? Is it safe for me to try to update my navi with this file? Thank you for your help.

  39. Hi Stedk, this is an interesting discovery. I have examined this new image and compared it with my currectly installed 1.7.7L version. See the new forum topic I just created.

  40. I buy my Verso with 1.7.7L version. In 1.7.8L and in 1.7.9L updates maps are the same, 2010 Q4. Same like in 1.7.7L version. I take one map(Luxembourg) from 1.7.8L and 1.7.9L and put them in my portable navigations. Igo shows maps version 2010 Q4. So they selling old maps like new?????????????

    1. Hi Roots, the maps on version 1.7.8L are definitely older than on the 1.7.9L version. You can find out by mounting the images yourself. Have a look at the forum also.

      1. i take the maps from images and put in my portable igo, igo shows that maps are 2010 Q4. this info IGO taking from map “inside”.

    1. version=2.7.4L
      date=Wed 12/05/2012

      date=Wed 12/05/2012
      is available

  41. Hi
    Sorry for butting in, really need advise on this!

    Would a toyota touch from a verso 2012 Double DIN DVD Player, MPN: cv-vs71f0ae. Fit into a auris 2007,the demensions of radio in dashboard is (top=245) (hight=120)(bottom=235) is it too high spec for car,does cabling needs adaptors to make it work, would like to put the work into it, if its worth it

    kind regards

  42. Have you heard about external box CS 9200 or 9900 for all Toyota Touch&go systems?

    Yes, they are disussed on forum.

  43. Hi guys,

    I accidentally deleted my external card so I can’t use my navi future no longer 🙁
    Someone said me that it cost $100 to reinstall the software with license.
    But I don’t want to pay extra money for this stuff.

    Here are my questions;
    1-) Is it possible to use the map via downloading the .iso file that someone shared above?
    2-) Which iso file should I have to download a or b?
    a) Version 1.7.4L:!application/Toyota/OS/EU_Low/2012_03_19/swdl.iso (78M)
    b) Size 2012Mb
    3-) Is it neccessary to use the original external card or can I use different external card too?
    4-) Which card format acceptable? Fat32 or NFTS
    5-) Is that the rigth order for installation? Download -> Mount the .iso file with PowerIso tool -> Copy the stuff into the external card -> Plug it into the slot on T&G -> Start the installation.

    1. I accidentally deleted my external card so I can’t use my navi future no longer…

      Ömer – I’m not sure if you have T&G – in T&G the maps are stored internally, not on external card.
      Probably you have one of older TNS Systems, which store maps on external SD Card, for Example TNS510. This a totally different navi – thus we can not provide solution for you. Try gpsunderground.

      1. Hi guys.
        I have bought Toyota Avensis in 2012 with T&G but no Map/Nav functionality activated. Is there any easy way how to activate navigation (maybe upload swdl.iso file) or I have to go to Toyota center and buy it in formal way?

        1. You have to buy extra hardware from Toyota. The system you have on your Avensis is Toyota touch with out “Go”.

  44. Hello
    When I press the phone button to see the system information of my Toyota yaris touch system, I found it empty nothing shown about version number…etc, how to upgrade my device please?

  45. Hello
    Nothing shown in my yaris touch system about the system information,version…etc, it is blank, can I still upgrade my device please?

  46. Hi guys!!
    I bought the new Toyota Auris with Toyota Touch (basic).¿Is it possible to activate the voice recognition anyway?


  47. Hi, I bought a 2013 Verso with Touch model only. When i spoke to my dealer to upgrade to Touch&G0 it cost, £650 (around 750 euroes). My question is:
    1. why this that expensive (correct me if not – it just a Sat Nav and you can get Tom Tom for £100 pounds)
    2. I can get the hardware module from ebay, will that work?
    3. will there be a detailed instructions for updating firmware, maps, etc. If so, could you please share some link?

    I wait for expert responses.

    many thanks

    1. Hi Nic, there is no inactive account named Gargamel on the forum registrations.. I suggest you register again.

  48. Hi, i bought a verso 2013 with touch model only. I´d like to Know if i could activate the voice recognition and the mp3 covers, installing any software?
    How could i see which software i have installed?
    Thanks for the help
    PD: my account “lu99” hasn’t been confirmed, could you confirm it?.
    thanks a lot!!

  49. Hi everybody
    When I try to install the version 2.7.4.L EU-Low from a USB disk containing EU-Low_dealer_update_0C on the Touch & Go system of my Yaris III, it ask me for a code to update the navigation system…
    Can anyone tell me where am I supposed to find this code?
    Thank you all

      1. Hi,

        I have a Rav4 (2012) and I upgraded my Touch system with GO Plus and now I want to update my software and maps on my Touch&Go Plus.

        I created an account on and registered my car along with Touch&Go Plus (device ID) and follow the site instructions , download Touch&Go toolbox on my laptop then I get the fingerprint to a USB stick but when I connect my USB to laptop the Touch&Go toolbox app is not recognize my USB.

        I tried with 2 USB sticks and also on another laptop but the result is the same, the application (Touch&Go toolbox) not recognize my USB stick and I can’t continue. Any thoughts?

        Current software version: 2.8.4H
        Map ID: EUH20130409

        Thanks in advance!

        1. Hi Bogdan,
          I have exactly the same problem in my VERSO 2013.
          2 different computers and 2 different USB I already try… and nothing. Touch&Go cant’t find my USB key.
          What to do? Any ideas.
          My system:

  50. Hi,
    is there a tool I can use to convert Google Map locations to contacts and upload to Touch & Go. I have done this manually by editing a contact file (.vcf) and loading it to my contacts. I can then select it as destination in the SATNAV. In South Africa we do not have access to the Touch & Go website to register and upload from google via tethering. A tool that allows me to select a Google Map location and convert to vCard format will be great help.

    File format:
    NOTE;CHARSET=UTF-8:LISouth AfricaRSAKrugersdorpUnpaved road+027.777843 -025.963091Vultures

  51. OK so i bought a used yaris hybrid that has version 1.7.5 installed. I understand it is kinda outdated, and to update it to latest version (2.8.4L), it will cost me around 120 EUR. Is there any way i can get Toyota to update my Software/maps for free? Or is there any other way to update? I don’t mind paying 120 EUR at once, but i really hate the fact that i will have to be paying every update Toyota releases every 6 months.

    1. From Toyota Tech web page it wil cost only 3+3=6 EUR. And after that all updates are free (over Toyota Touch&Go Toolbox )

          1. Can you give us more information on forum, first what did you put on your account on Toyota site… etc….

  52. First go “” and register ( user ID and password). Under “OWNER” go to “Navigation System Licence Key Activation”. It is a payible access.
    Buy 1 hour access (3 EUR) and follow the steps. There is a link for the latest software and map of T&Go. Download the file ( over 3 GB size). It is a RAR/ZIP file. Unzip file and copy to USB (FAT formated and minimum 4GB size) . Connect the USB stick installation will start automatically and will last 25-25 minutes ( NEVER turn of the system during installation) after installation a code wil appear on the screen and you shold type this code to code generator of the “Navigation System Licence Key Activation” page. Type the generated code to T&Go system. ( BUT first you shuld know that during code generation either a computer with good internet connection must be in the car or the car shold be near to the computer with good internet connection ;AND second you must buy another 1 hour acces ( 3EUR) for code generation; AND third in the wbsite there is a notification meaning that all these upgrade will work if your car is under 200 km or lover milage. BUT I DID ALL THESE WHEN MY CAR IS ABOVE 8000 KM AND I GOT NEW MAP AND VERSION (I did this since I had no choice ( my map was gone for some reasons))

    1. have done following your istructions but the system is asking for a second code cotrolsum
      witch i have not
      the demandcode from the usb stick is accepted but i need contrlsum 16 digit where can i find this

  53. What sw version did you have? 1.7.9L or lower I tried that one year ago, but didn’t work for me.
    What did you put in profile for Shopper Type?

  54. My current version is 2.7.4L and my map ID is EUL20121019 but there is a new update.
    Its map ID is EUL20130409 and the sw version is 2.8.4. As I mentioned before the notification on the screen is “Your Toyota Touch & Go is eligible for a free map update* before it leaves the dealer, ensuring you have the latest map content.
    * A free map update is only applicable if a newer map is available for the device and the vehicle has not been driven more than 200km. (sw ver. >=1.7.9)” . But as I said Idid when my car is above 8000 km. If your map gone there is no risk for you also. At least you get the latest sw version. Here is the address:
    I did not understand your last sentence/question ” What did you put in profile for Shopper Type?” ?????

  55. I am at 1.7.9L, but the update to 2.8.4 with new maps is not working. I’ve registered at “”. When I started updating my navigation system, it immediately generates a “request licence key”. I can type this first key in the “Navigation System Licence Key Activation” on the website, but then it asks for another licence key that should be delivered with the map. Of course I do not have this second key as the map was downloaded, so I never managed to generate the “activation key” that I should type in my navigation system.

    Any advise? What am I doing wrong?

  56. Tried to upgrade my Prius+ Touch & Go but ended up with a USB error Consistency check. Have tried different USB sticks and same problems. Now it is stuck in a recovery type mode. Any ideas how I can get out of this as now I have lost all functionality and can’t take a new fingerprint as that option is not available in the mode it is in.Please someone help it is driving me insane.

  57. I have the same problem as Pieter i have trayed this twice after resetting tool box
    actual system 2.7.4 maps EUL20121019
    is there any one who have a solution for this

  58. Because TOYOTA stingy ! And do not let the navigation software along with TACHE 2 !
    And upgrade costs as purchasing a new system includes navigation software and more!

    Most just use the technology MIRRORLINK ! Showing what is using their cell phones , contacts , music, and more and superior navigation app called WAZE

    The problem that software download cell phones – not all CELL technology supports the MIRRORLINK

    I can not explain why it exists only in samsung Galaxy S3 called drive link

    Since there are a lot of advanced types of cell phones .

    I have a LG G2 , and still have not found or could find out whether cell phones supports MIRRORLINK , or if there is software for it.
    Some simple , display navigation app as WAZE that are using their cell phones or other on-screen TACHE 2 !
    Any ideas would be welcome

  59. Hi !
    I bought a Verso S loundge (new) with Touch & Go on april 2012. (version 1.7.3 L)
    Last week, suddenly, bluetooth disconnect and map disappear.
    When I go to bluetooth config screen, I can’t activate (the small white square at the left top stay black even I “push”)
    Speaking about GPS, after the safety screen it search …. without result !
    Do you have an idea, or I have to spend time in my Toyota dealer ?
    Thanks a lot !
    (sorry for the possible spelling mistakes, my original language is French …)
    I am thinking to actualise maps with your procedure (after trouble …)

  60. I have toyota yaris 2012 and hilux 2011 with touch system the navigasion does not work in South Africa so the hardware is not installed i am using normal garmin gps this is just for info. How can i upgrade the qnx software to latest qnx no2 version so that car play can work on audio unit? I want use my iphone on the touch system? There are so many hackers and devolopers out there can someone help me with it?Danie

  61. hi there,
    I bought a Toyota Auris 2013 with Touch 2, I would like to know: 1.) if possible install the Extension Box of Go 2011 which has 5 connectors instead of 3, and 2) if I can update the maps from version 1.7 that its currently have installed.

  62. Dear friends,
    On 30.06.2014. through the portal Toyota Touch & Go Toolbox I bought Map of Europe (Get the latest map?? EUL20131028) .
    I’ve made the download of the map folder, placed it on the fingerprint and installed on the Device: Toyota Touch & Go (RAV4-new generation).
    The installation of the map folder has gone well and my software with label 2.7.4L has been upgaded to 2.9.4L. The problem occurred after trying to do software update. On my device I received a message “Downgrading software not PERMITED 2.9.4L to 2.8.4H”
    I contacted my Toyota branch office and received the following information:
    1. the latest map that I purchased and should get is EUL20140429 version.
    2. that software version 2.8.4H responds Toyota Touch & Go Plus device and not the Toyota Touch & Go.
    Please note that I use Toyota Touch & Go Toolbox software version and Configuration 3.464d.
    Please give me an explanation why I get this message and how will I be able to do the upgrade of maps and system?
    Thank you in advance.

  63. I got a similar problem here. System complains that it can not downgrade from 2.9.4 to 2.8.4 and subsequently does do anything with updates that the Touch&GO Toolbox put on the USB. How to solve this???

  64. Anyone know what is currently latest version of maps?

    and seckond question:
    I connect my phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2) to Toyota Touch & Go Plus (Auris 2014) by Bluetooth. Read SMS is work but send SMS not work. On screen are looks like was sent but message isn’t sending.
    This is issue on map module or on touch module ? Someone know how solve this issue?

    Grateful for help

  65. Hello,
    On my Yaris, I have the Map version : EUL20131028 that is upgraded by Toyota Services in 2014 january. The Main Software is 2.9.4L..
    That’s all for the moment… i don’t know how to do free map upgrade because official map upgrade is €129 !! Arrgh !! Most expensive than a Garmin or Tomtom GPS with free map upgradable for life… I am not a pigeon…

  66. Hi,

    I have a Avensis (2013) and I want to update my software on my Touch&Go .

    I created an account on and registered my car along with Touch&Go (device ID) and follow the site instructions , download Touch&Go toolbox on my laptop then I get the fingerprint to a USB stick but when I connect my USB to laptop the Touch&Go toolbox app is not recognize my USB.

    I tried with 3 USB sticks and also on another laptop but the result is the same, the application (Touch&Go toolbox) not recognize my USB stick and I can’t continue. Any thoughts?
    Thank you…

    1. Same problem for me on Toyota Touch and Go 1 in Verso (2014). 2.8.5L Version of T&Go and newest Toolbox ( 3 different USB-Sticks (FAT32 with just NaviSync folder) and Toolbox doesnt recognise any of it…
      Any ideas?

  67. Hello,
    I had also USB memory problem…
    But I resolve it by using a only 8 Go USB memory : The USB must be clear before transfering the ID from the Touch&Go, I do the sequence twice before removing it from the USB-plug-car.
    I connect my USB on my Computer before I launch the Toyota Navy software to be sure that the USB drivers are installed on my PC…
    It work for me.

    1. How was it resolved for you? By getting exactly 8 Gb USB.Stick and copying fingerprint to empty usb twice? Did you have some different sizes of USB-Sticks and just (Gb worked or is it Brand specific? Have you Fat32 system on that working USB-stick? Can you confirm that there is only one folder NaviSync that Touch&Go creates in car?

  68. I am having the same problem 🙁

    I have tried the software on two computers.

    I even bought a brand new 8Gb USB but the Touch & Go Toolbox still reports no USB storage.

    Tried the copy to USB twice, FAT32 and FAT formatted USB all with no luck using sizes 1Gb to 32Gb

    Just in case it is an issue with the car end my unit has Software Version 2.4.8L

    Anyone made any progress?

    1. I havent found solution yet. However I found out that Toolbox is produced by NNG and they have their piece of software Naviextras Toolbox that looks almost exactly the same as Toyota Toolbox. I installed it and put USB Stick with fingerprint (should be just one NaviSync folder). Software recognized USB immediately BUT said: not compatible please download Toyota toolbox. It gave me clickable link to Toyota software but it lead me to blank page…
      Maybe we should play along that road some more…Here link to Naviextras Toolbox:
      Maybe we should write to NNG and ask for help?

      1. I have the same proble, USB is not recognized by the Touch&Go toolbox.

        I try with 5 different USB’s from 4-32GB (Microsoft, Lacie, Sandisk, Sony, Corsair..) all was formated with FAT32 without any other files in them, just the fingerprint from my nav (Rav4 -2012).

        I use the latest Touch&Go toolbox on 2 different laptops with Windows 8/8.1. I installed also 2 virtual machines one with Windows XP and one with Windows 7 and mapped the USB but the same issue, the USB with the fingerprint is not revognized by the toolbox app!!!

        I took my laptop to the car and generated alot of fingerprints and test on toolbox…. the result is the same.

        I opened a case to Toyota and give them my fingerprint folder from my USB stick and they said that the fingerprint was recognized on their Touch&Go toolbox app and they advice me to try with medium/high end USB stick’s… the case is not closed, I ask them to send me their Toolbox app and the name/model of their USB stick.

        I’ll keep you updated.

        1. Keep us updated please, and tell Toyota that many many other customers have a same problem meaning its NOT one-man special-case scenario !!! Something is not right with their software !!!!

  69. Here is the reply from Toyota, seems that they experience the same issue and escaladate the issue.

    “”Thank you for your further e-mail yesterday and please accept my apologies that this issue remains unresolved.

    Having spoken with our Technical Team, they have advised me that they have now been able to experience the issue you have mentioned and they have sent the details to Toyota Motor Europe asking for support.

    As soon as Toyota Motor Europe have come back to us we will be back in touch with you, however, at this stage I am unable to give you a lead time but I would like to reassure you that we are committed to resolving the matter.””

  70. Hey Guys,

    I want to inform you that Toyota has fixed the issue, they released an update for the Touch&Go toolbox. The latest version of the Toolbox is Version, Configuration 3.530d. You should be able to update to this by clicking the link on the page.
    If this doesn’t work you may need to un-install the toolbox and re-install with the latest version from the customer portal.

    Now my USB is recognized.

    1. It works for me now too… Thanx R2D2…
      I’m disappointed though, 120 Euro for Maps from 2013 ??? For just a little bit more I can buy better external navigation devices with lifetime updates…

      1. I updatem my map as well and after map update the Map ID was changed to: EUH20131022 and if you search on Internet you will find that this update was released on May 2014, this mean that map ID is not the release date.

    2. I am having new problems…I cant update software from 2.8.5L to 2.9.4L. Toolbox says it needs to download some important files when it recognize my usb-fingerprint. Then it downloads some 10-15 MB on USB-stick. When I plug it in car it says “update recognized” then it loads something and then it says something like “no new updates available, please make new fingerprint and use toolbox”. Other than those important files I had 2 apps (weather and glass of water) and it installed those but no software update…
      Does it something to do with map updates? If I buy new maps only then software gets updated or not? Does someone have 2.9.4L with EUL20130409 maps?
      any ideas?

      1. M, my maps was from 2003 and from the toolbox I purchased for free (because I have touch&go plus and this allow me to update for free 3 years or 6 updatex maximum) the latest maps from 2014 (EUH20131022). Next the toolbox has downloaded on the USB the “new important files”then the maps and when I inserted the USB on my car the unit has recognized the update and updated my software and maps. Before updating the maps, I installed the app of water but has not updated the software version (even if the toolbox said that he copied ..important files).

        The conslusion (in my case) is that once I get the new maps I also received the software update from 2.8x to 2.9x.

        If you don’t have touch&go plus I will not update yet the maps because in may or sooner we will receive the updates for 2015.

        1. I think its really the case: you get new version of software only if you buy (or get for free for plus users) map updates…
          I will certainly wait till new maps come out but I still think its better to buy some Garmin or TomTom with life updates for almost same ammount of money…

  71. Hello guys,
    Please, can you paste the link of the toolbox? I tried to find it but I found only old version.

    Thanks a lot
    Best Regards

    1. Dears,
      I solved my problem. I already have the version suggested by R2-D2 but I had the same problem. I just install back as administrator and now working also for me.

      Best Regards

        1. I couldnt find anything can you shed a bit of light on my search?:)
          I only found this thing one-hour subscription to Toyota site but many reporting that code doesnt work anymore…

          1. Sorry for beeing boring but I havent seen anything in this forum that suggests its possible to use those files other than paying it via Toolbox/Internet…
            Some topic is hidden (I guess that one about resetting milage in order to get free update, which is not working or VERY dangerous) all other topics are saying the same thing “you CANNOT install map/software updates on T&G without paying for it “

    1. Am so happy that I found this forum and your comments. Are there any todo’s to implement new maps? And can you give me any kewords to search for it. Thanks a lot for your dedication.

  72. Hi Guys,

    I have a Auris HSD jan 2015, mirrorlink is not working 🙁
    It is possible to me to do the update of touch &go 2 myself?


  73. I have a Toyota Auris TS Hybrid and since the latest map and firmware update I have a problem when starting my car. The stereo starts with my FM radio station however as soon as my phone is connected it switches to Bluetooth audio. This was not the behaviour before the update. Anyone else who experience the same issue? And is there a setting to start (and continue) with my latest selection of source for the audio?

    1. Ah, luckally I am not the only one.
      Same thing here: Autoplay BlueTooth device after Power on.

      Toyota Auris Touch and Go 2013
      T&G Software 2.10.4L
      Apple iPhone 4s IOS 8.1.3

      I already contacted Toyota Customer Service.

      1. Have you got any response from Toyota?

        I have the same SW setup as you, but I have the same behaviour also with a iPhone 5s and a iPhone 6.

        1. I also contacted Toyota Customer Service, this is their reply in Swedish and a translation into English:

          Tack för din feedback.

          Vi har testat med systemuppdateringen tillsammans med den telefonmodell som du nämner och noterat att detta fenomen sker med den nya uppdateringen. Vår produktavdelning jobbar för att kunna lansera en ny systemuppdatering som tar itu med detta. Jag har i skrivande stund inget datum men vi ska försöka göra detta tillgängligt snarast möjligt.

          Thank you for your feedback.

          We have tested the system update along with the phone model that you mention and noted that this phenomenon occurs with the new update. Our product department is working to launch a new system update that will address this. I have the time of writing no date but we’ll try to make this available as soon as possible.

          1. Hey, that’s good news.
            Thanks for posting this information!

            Toyota Customer Support advised me to contact a local Toyota dealer and have them look into this bug.

  74. Hi,

    need help
    Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015 T&G no NAVI

    i am having lots of issues with the console:
    1) Mirorlink only works on Samsung S3 and its very fleaky
    – have any one used other devices ?
    – what app on the phone was needed ?
    2)BT no sound from phone or making calls
    – on the Nexus 5 i am not able to have calls (it shows as it is paired)

    is there a way to add navigation to the system? (i am from Israel need maps)
    or add external Miracast / WLAN Display /Allshare cast / Screen Mirroring /
    Wi-Fi Display adaptor ?

    i am from Israel

  75. Thanks to everyone for their insightful posts. For a 2012 Auris, how does one force the Toolbox to recognise 2.10.4 is out? I’m still seeing the 2013 version. Thank you!

  76. Well after all is it possible to manually download new maps and install them(EUL 20131028) on a toyota yaris 2013 with touch & Go. I am searching the internet and cant find something.

    1. Hi everyone,
      I’m a newbye, I’d like to which is last update for toyota touch&go without activation number.
      Tks for coop

    2. Hi
      I’m a newbye
      I’d like to know which last update of Toyota “touch & go” without activation number.
      Thanks a lot

  77. Hi, I’ve managed to update my Avensis with T&G from 1.7.5L to 1.7.8L. Now I’d like to update to 1.7.9L, but cannot find any swdl.iso. Any advice or link appreciated. Please, accept me in the forum. Thx a lot

  78. Hallo Dirk-Jan
    I’ll write this in Dutch because I assume you’re from the Netherlands. If you’re not, please let me know so I can write it in English.

    Ik heb een vraagje ivm de audiofuncties van de Touch and go van mijn Toyota Avensis.
    Als je in de wagen stapt selecteert hij normaal gezien het medium dat aan het spelen was de vorige keer.
    Nu heb ik al mijn cd’s gekopieerd op nieuwe usbstick Intenso Speed Line 256 GB.
    De usbstick bevat meer dan 100 gb muziek nu. Duurt een seconde of 17 voor hij geladen is bij opnieuw contact maken. Op zich niet erg maar met deze stick kiest hij bij het opnieuw starten van de wagen eerst het vorige medium zoals het hoort maar na 17 seconden schakelt hij vanzelf over naar die usbstick.
    Ik heb net getest met een ander stickje en daarmee heb ik geen problemen.
    Ik dacht dat de nieuwe Intenso usbstick voorzien was van een soort autorunbestandje maar op mijn laptop begint hij niet onmiddellijk muziek te spelen en ik vind ook niets van bestandjes op de usbstick behalve de muziekbestanden.
    Heb jij een idee hoe dit probleem kan opgelost worden?

      1. Hi
        I’m a newbye
        I’d like to know which last update of Toyota “touch & go” without activation number.
        Thanks a lot

  79. Hi!

    Does anyone have any information on how to update the Touch (without Go and Plus)? Is that even possible?

    Also, is that possible to change the units of the Touch system from miles to km and from MPG to L/100Km? There’s nothing in the settings (i know it’s possible on the Touch and Go systems).

    Thanks in advance!

  80. Hi!
    I tried to update my T&G plus on a prius using the toolbox. Something went wrong on step 7 (navigation) and now I am stuck with an error 1004
    Update version is 2.13.5DMUH
    I have analyzed the update script from the iso stored in the usb key and the update log and I think the country list is faulty on my device. The dumb Lua update script keeps failing reading it but without logging anything about (just the 1004 error)
    Anyone has an idea to solve the issue?
    I have found that the update script has evolved compared to prior version on which they did not verify the presence of the country list.

    PS: admin can you validate my forum account?

  81. Hi Everybody
    I own a Toyota Auris hybrid with Touch and Go updated with 6.7.0 DMUH version.

    1/ I would kike to use mirror link with my Galaxy S5 in order to get WAZE on my inboard screen, does anyone know how to do ? (this is possible with Galaxy S3 and Drive Link, but this do not work on Galaxy S5)

    2/ is any possibility to install the WAZE apps directly in the Touch and Go ?

    thanks for your ideas

  82. Hi,
    A friend of mine has a 2012 Avensis with T&G v1.7.5L. I’m just trying to help get it updated as it doesn’t really have enough roads here, do you have any quick suggestions on how to get started?
    From what I’ve read so far, I should update it to 1.7.8L/1.7.9L first and then try a new version. Is it correct? Would it not accept a straight update to 2.*?

    Thanks you for any replies!

    Could you please validate my forum account? The username is LsKs.

  83. I’m running into some serious BT issues with my phones. Would like to update the firmware. Could you please activate my account for the forum? Username is vwaart. 🙂 Thanks!

  84. Hi, I have a yaris with touch & go version 1.7.3L and I would like to update only the firmware, without maps, to the latest version. Is it possible to have the download to download and the procedure to be used?

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