snmpd timeout

For our monitoring system (nagios) we use snmp to check the status of several services. On RHEL4 hosts the snmp query timed out. By using snmpwalk you can see the query times out every time it reaches ‘hrStorageUsed.12’, see below. By increasing the timeout value of snmpwalk the command completes with some delay.

$ snmpwalk -v 3 -u username -A password -l authnopriv hostname
Timeout: No Response from hostname

After investigation it appears to be the SELinux setting for snmpd which causes the delay. By disabling SELinux for snmpd the timeout don’t occur anymore.

You can disable SELinux for snmpd by issuing the following command:

# setsebool snmpd_disable_trans=1

To activate this change restart snmpd (service snmpd restart). To preserve this change after a reboot disable snmpd_disable_trans in ‘/etc/selinux/targeted/booleans’.

SpamAssassin rulesets

Yesterday I had some discussion with a colleage about the growing amount of spam thats sneaks through my SpamAssassin filter. He gave me some good advise to install Rules du Jour. This is a bash script that basicly downloads and installs new versions of rulesets for SpamAssassin as the authors release new versions. Information about the rulessets which can be used is found at SARE (SpamAssassin Rules Emporium).
So I installed and configured it right away and now one day has past the result looks very promising. This is definitly a must have enhancement to the standard rulessets of SpamAssassin.

Fun driving

By means of a business relationship activity Dell invited SARA for a driving course at SEC (Safety Experience Center) in Rosmalen. I was one of the happy few.

It was great fun to drive all sorts of cars on the various tracks. We did some brake and manouvre tests runs. We also learned how to react on understeer and oversteer.