Done another Oracle course

My third 5-day Oracle course is finished today. This was the Oracle 10g Application server workshop I Ed 2 training. A lot of things were not new to me because I work with Apache and Linux on a daily basis. But the chapters which covered Java were interesting. During the lessons about Apache I had some time to explore the mozilla configuration of the instructors pc.
Normally it’s not possible to access the word wide web, because the trainging pc’s are behind a proxy, but when you change the proxy configuration of your brower from to ip-address , you can browse to wherever you want. I am not sure this works for every training facility, but it’s worth a try. Happy surfing!

First DBA course: done.

Today I finished the Oracle 10g DBA workshop 1 course. Which was not to hard, because I already had some hands-on experience with Oracle and SQL. Next thing to do is some self-study and finally take the exam to become officially OCA (Oracle Certified Associate). For next year the OCP course and Application server is already scheduled, so I am not bored at all the coming time.

After all is completed I hope my employer wants me to do full-time DBA work at the “Geranium” room. This room is only known by insiders, and it’s probably better to keep it so *grin*.

DBA Training

Today I had my third day of DBA training at the dutch HQ of Oracle at the Meern. Three down, and two more to go. The course is really good, especially the lunches with hot snacks!

I’ve just installed and configured this blog, so this is my first real post. Yeah baby!