Some months ago I decided it was time to secure my steadily growing MySensors network. As described on the MySensors website this can be implemented by using a software or hardware solution to sign messages. I chose the hardware solution using the ATSHA204A component. Because the more convenient break-out board was out of stock, I ordered a little strip of 3-legged ATSHA204A surface mounted devices (SMD). But when they arrived I was struck by the size of those things.

Feeling steady handed today I took the nerve to solder one of them to put on my gateway device. This gateway device consists of a Arduino Uno, Ethernet shield (W5100) and nRF24L01+ PA/LNA. There are some nodes (Sensebender Micro) in the house which are already equipped with an ATSHA204A.

Somewhat proud of my accomplishment I like to share some picture of what it looks like.

Curious and want to know more about securing MySensors, check out the following page.