i’m Watch and webOS

Yesterday I received my long awaited new watch. This is a i’m Watch color watch. The i’m SPA company claims that this watch is the first real smartwatch in the world. This watch uses a slimmed down and highly customized version of Google’s Android, called i’m Droid.

First thing I did was upgrading the watch to the most recent firmware version which is 0.5.0. As soon as the new firmware was active I tried to connect the watch to my phone, which is a webOS HP Pre3. The watch communicates using Bluetooth, and it turns out it’s not a problem to pair and sync. I have to admit that I’m using the default installed Mobile Hotspot app which comes with webOS 2.2.4 for the Pre3 but with a minor, but important addition. I had to add a small script to the /etc/event.d directory to allow IP forwarding and added three iptables rules allowing NAT traffic to pass through. You can find this script at the end of this post.

Once there is a Bluetooth connection that supports tethering you have the ability to hit the button ‘Sync Cloud’. As you would assume this will download information for the apps you have configured in the i’m Cloud. There is a limited number of Cloud apps available. Have a look at the list below:

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