A year ago I installed a wireless switch in the kitchen to switch on the kitchen spots. I chose the Easyclick system by PEHA which works without batteries and it performs very well. This Easyclick system uses the EnOcean energy harvesting wireless technology. Based on this experience and my recent interest in home automation systems I came across a sensor kit for EnOcean on a blog post at Element14. To use the sensors a controller which can send and receive EnOcean (Funk) messages is needed. So I bought a Raspberry Pi with the EnOcean Pi (TCM 310 GatewayController) GPIO module. The Raspberry Pi and EnOcean Pi came first, so once all was setup I switched on the kitchen light switch and there it was the automatic registration in the controller software FHEM.

EnOcean setup

The sensor kit contains a temperature, rocker switch and contact switch. All are working as expected as you can see on the screen shot below.

FHEM EnOceanIn the next post I will describe the steps in more detail. There are also more components on it’s way to make the home smarter, so stay tuned!